Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Cleansing the face before going to bed

There are quite a large number of angles when it comes to maintenance of one’s health, beauty and general wellbeing. For this reason, we will take it one at a time in order for us not to get overwhelmed by a lot of theories about routine regimens. Skin care regimens are a very essential part of our daily activities, from scrubbing, to cleansing and toning or even sun protection. We even perform some skin maintenance routine on a daily basis without even realising it e.g. bathing. We cannot take this aspect of wellbeing for granted as it is a singular action that almost sets the tone of the day and gives you that default boost you need to get going. Before I digress much further, this write up will focus on the “importance of cleansing the face before we go to bed”.
The face is the most unprotected part of our body during the day. It can instantly display our mood and disposition, as well as express our mental or psychological state. That being said, these factors obviously contribute to the strain that the face undergoes in addition to the external factors such as beauty products residue, oils and dirt. Every day, women use skincare and makeup products on the face and these products cover blemishes, clog pores, some over expose the pores, some trap oils and dust on the face. Even those who claim not to use any facial product, still secrete oils on their facial skin (men inclusive). It is important for us to know that these factors are a part of our everyday but if we do not balance it out at the end of the day, it can create problems for us. After the day’s exposure, it is important that we rid our face of these oils and dirt by washing with soap, cleansing with astringents or simply using facial or baby wipes to remove makeup residue and dirt from the face. I will not go into the details of telling you exactly how to go about washing or cleansing your face because you know your face better than I do. But I will tell you that you do yourself more harm than good, if you go to bed with your face dirty. Your face will transfer germs to your pillowcase and/or bed sheet and once these are contaminated, even if you wash or cleanse the next day, you are more exposed to get breakouts as a result of these germs getting back on your face from where you left them. So, what am I saying? Even though you are very tired and the next thing on your mind when you get home from work is sleep, spare a minute to wash your face or just some seconds to cleanse with wipes. You will see that your pores will breathe again as the burden on the day has been lifted off them. Your skin will secrete new oil and you will feel refreshed be much more relaxed even when you sleep.
Let’s let each day end with its own burden and refuse to carry them over.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Free Makeup Class Registration


Hi guys! Nice to have you here again. The month has been full of its highs and lows, ups and downs and its so easy to forget to do what one has planned to do as a result of these hustles and bustles. September has successfully ushered in the "mber" season and before we can say "mary kay" , its the end of the year.i want to use this means to encourage everyone reading this blog to step out and do that thing that she/he has been planning to do.
Get that haircut, learn that trade, drive that idea, enhance that skill. whatever it is, do not stop because you are tired, stop when you are done. So, this brings me to my own self. i am planning a one day free makeup tutorial class for my followers, friends,blog readers and likers! Just my own little way of giving back and saying we can all do what we want to if we put our minds to it. here are things to do if you want to be a part of the class: 1. register via our facebook page or blog site by clicking on the registration form and filling it. our facebook page 3.follow me on twitter 4.join my blog you're done! venue of the class will be communicated via text messages and social media. get ready cause it will be fun. watch this space.

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