Monday, 18 November 2013

The curse of the receding hairline

Hi guys, what’s new? Well we supposedly had an (evident less) eclipse of the sun this year, even though I didn’t see it, I can attest to the fact that the sun was very bright and hot that Sunday so, maybe that was a sign that it happened elsewhere like in Omole & Kenya, where I heard they saw it, weird right? Don’t ask me who they is though.
Omole version

Kenya version

Moving on, the business of looking and feeling good can never be over emphasized, and the little things that we ignore to notice are kinda the things that if we handle properly, make the whole, more  wholesome.(pause and think about it)#Selah.
Moving on still, I would want to indulge us a little about caring for our hairlines. It’s such a small part of our hair or face, but it contributes a lot to the way we look and how conscious we can feel about ourselves when people look at us. Hair lines can start to recede because of either or more of these reasons:
  • Ageing
  • Genetics
  • Sleeping habits
  • Blood circulation activities
  • Hairstyle routines
  • Eating habit.

While we may not be able to control our ageing process (except one opts for surgery of course) or our genetics, we can improve some other things that we do, which can affect our hairlines and cause them to start receding for example, the way we sleep.
It is evident that if you sleep on one side of your face more than the other, the hair around that area begins to thin out and eventually becomes sparse or scanty as we all say. This doesn’t happen overnight but after a long while. The reason for this evolution is because over time the blood vessel that carry blood to the hair becomes weak and inactive hence, growth becomes slower and hair follicles become inactive. This hair growth inactivity could spread from the side hairs to the front hairs too. Too much grammar right? Well the solution to hair loss by sleeping habit is to alternate sleeping sides and to indulge in a head/ scalp massage once in a while. This they say, helps to improve the blood circulation on the scalp and once again, don’t ask me who they is.

Our hairstyle can also leave us a permanent mark if care is not taken. For the men, carving/shaping the hairline all the time could lead that part of the scalp to think that the hair isn’t wanted so it gradually slows growth and then begins to recede. For the women of course, there are a ton of factors about our hairstyles that can adversely affect our hairlines: from braiding too tight, to braiding too heavy, braiding too tiny, constant use of hair extensions and the use of the wrong hair products too.  We can correct hair loss by styling our hair in moderation and in consideration of our hair follicles.
And lastly but most importantly, we need to eat well. These hair follicles just like other parts of our being feed on something. Amino acids. This is gotten from protein so please include a lot of protein in your diet.

Enough said already, let get to some action! Till I come your way next time, hopefully sooner than another eclipse, treat your hair with care.

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