Sunday, 25 September 2011

skinglow routine

The use of moiturisers and sunscreens cannot be overflogged aswell. One should always indulge in moisturising the skin in order to prevent dry scaling and flaknig of the skin. once in a while also, a thorough process of exfoliation should be done, this is in order to remove stubborn dead skin that prevents the skin from glowing. The last process after exfoliation, and moisturisation is the wearing of sunscreen. This is not very common with people on this side of the world, however, our dark skin needs it more than we can emphasize. Sunscreens ultimately helps in prevention of skin cancer, but first of all it protects the layers of skin form hyperpigmentation as a result of over exposure to harsh sunlight. The three important processes of (1) exfoliation (2) toning and moisturisation (3) sun protection, should be our basic skin care routine. A litttle sun is good before the hours of 10am, and after 4pm. Outside this time, sunexposure should be limited as much as possible

Friday, 23 September 2011

Back to the Basics

Essentially, a good diet, lots of fruits and water, exercise to help blood circulation, and good topical skin applications (like moisturisers and sunscreen) will help prepare your skin, our canvas for make up application. the skin should be catered for like every other body organ, and this starts from the inside with our diets, habits and rest patterns.

Back to the Basics

Beautiful skin is your pride, and our canvas! To achieve that flawless look goes beyond foundations and concealers. We must care for our skin becausejust like any other essential organ of the body it needs nutrients from balanced meals, fruits and vegies, water and enuf exercise and rest for proper blood circulation.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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