Monday, 26 November 2012

The Basic Skin CTM!

A good cleansing routine is essential for removing makeup and dirt, which can block your pores and can lead to an outbreak in spots. Cleansing should be done twice daily. Cleansing too frequently can strip the skin of its natural oils, which will make those with dry skin have even drier skin. It will also make those with oily skin have even oilier skin, as the glands will become more active to replace it.
Before starting to cleanse, you should wash your hands thoroughly to remove any dirt or grease that might have built up.
To remove eye makeup such as mascara and eye shadow, use cotton balls or pads to apply eye cleansing lotion. Making sure your eyes are closed, gently wipe across your eyes until all eye makeup is removed.
To remove makeup, generously apply cleansing cream to your nose, chin, cheeks, forehead and around the top of your neck. Massage the cream into the skin, particularly concentrating on the corners of the mouth, the creases near the nose, the chin (which is especially prone to blackheads), and around the neck. Once the cream has been massaged in thoroughly, take a moist cotton pad, and start removing the cream from your face. Work from the sides of your face inwards to avoid rubbing cream into your hair.
Toning Toning is the process of removing dead skin cells from your face, as well as removing any dirt, makeup or cleanser that may remain after cleansing. Toning will help keep your skin clear and firm by leave you with a layer of new healthy skin cells.
Using cotton pads, apply toner around your nose and chin, across your cheeks and across your forehead.
Moisturizing Exposed to the elements skin can lose its natural moisture, and you can be left with dry skin. This is also one of the main cause of wrinkles. As well as forming a barrier to the elements, moisturizing replenishes the skins natural moisture which help can prevent dry skin and the formation of wrinkles. Unless you have very dry skin, always use a light moisturizer.
Apply moisturizer lightly to your face using your finger tips. Start by rubbing the cream into your forehead, working outwards from the center. Gently apply the cream around the eyes, making sure you don’t get it to close to them. Massage the cream into your cheeks and around your jaw line, around your chin, mouth and nose, then around your throat and your neck. Don’t apply too much moisturizer, as this will just sit heavily, and prevent your skin from breathing. Also make sure all excess cream is rubbed in.

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