Thursday, 3 November 2011


How to Apply Blush

Applying blush at first can be tricky, but it’s all about being patient, using the right tools and understanding your facial structure(ROUND, OVAL, APPLE AND SQUARE SHAPE). The shape of your face should be contoured to highlight its best features. You  also want to make sure you’re using the right blush brush — preferably, you want a brush that’s dense enough to pick up color but still fluffy enough to deposit it softly. You may also want a buffing brush on standby for any mistakes!

Powder Blush

Step 1. Finish prepping the skin and let all products sink in/dry. Whether you’re just wearing moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, or foundation, you want all these products to be applied before you to get to blush. (Though, you can always switch it up and wear an intense blusher before foundation–but after moisturizer–and then lightly apply foundation on top!)

Step 2. Taking a slightly fluffy, dense brush, gently tap it into your blush compact. I usually do three or four taps and then a sweep.

Step 3. SMILE! The easiest way to find the apples of your cheeks is to smile really big–you’ll see them pop out at you as compared to when your face is relaxed.

Step 4. Gently tap the blush brush onto the apples of your cheek, starting from the roundest portion and tapping lightly upwards and towards your temple.

Step 5. Do a sweep–like a Nike “swoosh”–from the apple to the temple to diffuse and blend the color together.

Step 6. If it’s not intense enough, rinse and repeat. If it’s too bright, you can either lightly sweep upwards with your blush brush or use a buffing brush to buff some of the color out. You can also layer translucent or colored loose powder on top to help soften the color (and this will also help to set your makeup).

Cream blush

Step 1. Just like powder blush, finish prepping your skin. I always prefer to apply cream blush on top of foundation, and I do find that cream blush always looks more natural and better over some foundation than none, particularly if you have any imperfections in the cheek area.

Step 2. Depending on the delivery system of your cream brush, it may be more practical to use fingers than a brush. If it pumps out, you may want to pump the tiniest bit onto your finger and then dab a dot onto the apple of each cheek. If it’s in compact-form, then take a stippling brush and tap it (vertically!) three or four times.

Step 3. SMILE LIKE YA MEAN IT! Or, suck in the cheeks. The type of blush doesn’t really change where we want to apply it, so smiling big and pretty will emphasize the apples of your cheek.

Step 4. Take your stippling brush and lightly tap the color onto the apples of your cheek and gently tap towards the temple. Then, using the stippling brush still, blend in small circular motions until the color diffuses and blends outward. Some may prefer to use their fingers for blending, as it can heat up the product, which will allow it to blend more easily.

Step 5. “Swoosh” your brush from apple to temple very lightly, just to do a final sweep through.

Step 6. Use translucent powder to set!

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